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Custom Modular Design


Welcome to Exhibit Expressions, the one-stop shop for custom trade show displays and booths. We provide custom modular exhibition design through our products and services, which range from customized display booths to booth rentals.

What is Custom Modular Exhibition Design?

Modular exhibits are the perfect choice when planning an event with a mobile, on-the-go feel. They’re sleek and modern, they have a professional look that’ll add credibility to your brand, and they’re super easy to set up and break down.

Modular Exhibits provide a way for you to showcase your products or services in an attractive environment while still having plenty of space for attendees at your event. This can be especially useful when you need extra room for merchandise tables or registration stations. Modular exhibits are also easy to transport because they come in pieces; this allows them to be shipped or driven easily between locations!

How to Select the Right Custom Exhibit for You

When you’re looking for a custom modular exhibit, there are several things to consider:

  • What size and shape exhibit do you need? Are you looking for a large, custom mobile exhibit with multiple levels of display space? Or maybe you want a smaller portable exhibit that can be set up in less than an hour by one person.

  • What style of display or branding do you want to convey at the event? Do you want your company name printed on all sides of the display structure so that it can be seen from every angle in the venue? Or do you just need something functional and affordable so that attendees know where they can find information about your business.

  • How long will this particular exhibition be active (i.e., how many days) and is there overnight storage available on site or nearby where I’ll keep my equipment between shows)?

Contact Our Team and Let’s Talk About Your Next Trade Show Booth

We are your partners in trade show and event booth design. If you have a question or need help deciding how to get started, please contact us by email at info@exhibitexpressions.com or call 303-349-5650.

We are based in Denver and Atlanta (serving the U.S.) and can help you with:

  • Custom modular exhibit booths of any size or shape

  • Trade show furniture that fits your budget and brand image

  • Graphic design services for signage & displays (no project is too big or small)

With years of experience designing, producing and sourcing custom trade show exhibits, our experts at Exhibit Expressions find the perfect mix of design and functionality.

We have been designing, producing and shipping custom trade show exhibits for more than 20 years. Our team of experts can help you choose the right exhibit for your needs, from initial design to shipping. We specialize in exhibition displays that are attractive and easy to move around, providing you with a professional image at every booth you visit.


At Exhibit Expressions, we believe that the future of conference and trade show exhibits is bright. We are excited to see how the industry evolves over the next few years, and we look forward to being part of it!