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Trade Show

Trade shows require special care and handling. Your exhibit properties must arrive to the right location at the right time with the right paperwork.

If you’re not experienced with trade show materials shipping, our team at Exhibit Expressions are more than happy to assist. 

What to expect?

Once your properties arrive to the dock of the convention center or the hotel, you will need for them to arrive to your booth space. The general contractor will be delivering them, and you may need to be patient especially if you shipped directly to show site.

You and your exhibit installers now have the responsibility to get everything set up in a timely manner. Keep in mind, many exhibition installers in many large cities are members of a specific union with work requirements such as minimum hours (minis) and rates are billed on straight time, overtime and sometimes double time. This is based on what their union has proscribed for their members to work. It’s a reality of exhibition installation that you have to come to terms with. When we work with our clients we do everything possible to arrange the labor crew work schedule is arranged to minimize cost.

Here are some things you can do to minimize costs for your exhibit installation…

1. Ship all materials, consolidated to the advanced warehouse.

Why? When you ship to the advanced warehouse, your booth’s materials are delivered first, before shipments that went direct to show site. This means your installation crew can get started at the beginning of the work day and optimally be finished before you move to overtime rates.

2. Send in a supervisor who knows the properties and has authority to direct the crew and services providers. Make sure that supervisor has set up instructions and copies of all services orders that have been placed.

Time is big bucks on the trade show floor. Your exhibit installation crew is on the clock from the moment they arrive. The quicker you set them to work and the more money you will save. Ideally you will know where things are packed in your cases and crates.

The first thing to check is if your electrical power is installed (usually under the carpet) and they have followed the layout instructions you supplied when you placed the order.

If it’s not, go to the services desk immediately to get that fixed. It is much easier (aka more cost effective) to get the electricians back in when none of your properties have been set up yet. In many cities they have to come back and plug it in, but if the locations you want power available are not right, it will cost money to fix it. 

Hanging Signs and rigging are the most expensive exhibition installation service. Here are some ways to make sure you are spending the minimum amount on rigging exhibition installation charges…

1. Provide a detailed plan with your order, both plan view and an elevation. If orientation matters clearly indicate that as well. Include all measurements including distance from aisles on all sides and the height from the floor.

Why? You will usually not know the height from the ceiling of the convention center or ballroom, the height from the bottom of your sign to the floor is the most critical measurement you can provide.

This will save you money. If they have detailed plans with measurements and they don’t hang it that way, you will need to call them back. they will try to charge you for that extra time, but this is very valid to protest the charges to come back if your instructions were clear and they didn’t follow them.

2. Whenever possible your own labor crew should handle setting up the hanging sign on the floor. 

Not every city or venue will allow this so check to see what the rules are. If you wait for the riggers to set up your sign, you will spend a fortune on their time. It is a crew of two minimum and their rate is typically 3 times or more what your booth installation crew costs you per hour.