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Trade show graphic displays are a great way to get customers and potential clients to notice you at any tradeshow. You can have unique displays or just a simple banner, but either way you will be able to make a memorable impression. If you need help designing your booth let us know, we love helping our trade show booth customers design their ideal exhibit!

Trade show displays from Exhibit Expressions will allow your company to display a lot of information with an eye catching design.

Exhibit Expressions provides high-quality trade show displays that your company can use to display a lot of information with an eye-catching design. Trade show displays are cost effective, portable, can be used for multiple events and versatile. They’re easy to use, store and ship.

Exhibit Expressions has been in business since 2006 and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products at a reasonable price point. Our extensive knowledge base allows us to provide custom solutions for any situation, whether it be a simple booth or an elaborate exhibit set-up that requires multiple components from various manufacturers across North America (and even beyond!).

Trade show booth graphics can be as simple as a banner or as extravagant as a full installation.

As you plan for your next trade show, it’s important to think about the kind of display you want to set up. Your booth design will be a key factor in establishing your brand at the event and communicating its message to potential clients.

Exhibit Expressions offers a wide range of graphics services for trade show booths, including:

  • Custom graphics designed specifically for you
  • Banners and roll-up banners
  • Custom booth walls (which can be built within a small space)
  • Graphics that incorporate LED lighting or video screens into their designs

We have pre-designed templates for trade show booths that can save you money and time by reducing design costs.

A trade show display booth is an essential part of any exhibitor’s marketing strategy. If you want your booth to be memorable and effective, the design must be perfect—but creating one from scratch can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. Our templates save you money by reducing designer fees that would normally go toward developing a custom design. We have pre-designed templates for trade show booths that can save you time and money by reducing design costs.

Additionally, if you’re looking for something more unique than our pre-made designs, we can help with that too! Our designers are experts at creating custom designs based on what they learn about your business during the planning process and throughout construction of your booth. In our experience working with clients in various industries across North America and Europe (and elsewhere), we have found that most companies prefer their own branded look rather than using templates provided by us or other vendors (although some choose this route because it gives them more control over their final product).

Our trade show graphic designers create trade show booth designs with attention-getting images.

Our trade show graphic designers can help you create a custom booth design that will make your company stand out. We have a team of designers who can help you create a custom booth design or trade show display, including:

  • Trade show graphics

  • Tradeshow banners and signs

  • Tradeshow displays

There are many companies who will print your trade show booth graphics but only a handful who will give you the creative space to design your own unique trade show graphic.

At Exhibit Expressions, we want you to have complete control over the design of your exhibit display booth so that it matches the style and message of your brand. Our team of graphic artists will work with you every step of the way, right down to choosing a color scheme and logo style that best reflects who you are as a company.

Your Exhibit Expressions trade show booth can be designed in any size or shape, whether it’s one large panel or several smaller ones – we’ll work with what works best for you! In addition to designing custom graphics for our clients’ displays at every type of event imaginable (and some that aren’t), we also offer printing services for those who want their own custom fabric banners made up beforehand rather than designing them from scratch during each event cycle.

Looking for a Trade Show Booth in a Specific City?

We’re based in Denver, Colorado and we design, fulfill and ship display booths for clients at trade shows throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Visit our website for the tradeshow calendar, to view all the shows around the world.

We’re your partners in every phase of the process – from strategy, design, shipping and lead generation post-trade show day!

If you need help building your tradeshow display let us know!

If you need help building your tradeshow display, let us know! Our team of experts can provide you with the following:

  • Trade show booth designs
  • Trade show booth graphics
  • Trade show booth printing (for indoor and outdoor use)
  • Trade show booth installation, including delivery, setup, teardown and storage
  • Trade show booth rental


With our experience designing trade show booth graphics and our team of skilled designers, you can be sure that your booth will attract the attention it deserves. 

We hope you found this article informative. Got questions? Call or email us to get your answers!