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Modular Trade Show Displays Rock!

Why consider Modular Trade Show Exhibits? Because they:

  • Build your brand
  • Reduce exhibit shipping and drayage costs
  • Offer greater flexibility
  • Stretch your budget with rental
  • Improve your marketing
  • Are more sustainable
  • Are great for events & facilities, too
modular trade show display booths

Custom Modular Trade Show Exhibits Build Your Brand

Today’s modular exhibit systems can create truly custom designs that beautifully represent your brand, with elegant, custom structures in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that look sleek and modern, or can be hidden behind vivid, high-resolution large-format fabric graphics. Backlit fabric graphics add even more attention-getting impact. Modular exhibits can even have flat and curved video walls embedded directly into the panels!

Modular trade show exhibit systems build your brand with elegant custom structures

Lightweight Modular Displays Drastically Reduce Shipping and Drayage Costs

Gain tremendous savings on your exhibit transportation! Modular exhibits are so much lighter in weight than wood laminate custom exhibits, which saves you thousands on shipping and drayage on every show. That’s even more important in this era of extremely high shipping costs.

modular trade show exhibits save on shipping and drayage costs

Modular Reusable Booths
Offer Greater Flexibility 3

  1. You can change booth sizes to use the same exhibit properties in different booth sizes, so you don’t have to buy unneeded displays. A 20 x 20 modular exhibit can be broken down into 10 x 20 and 10 x 10 inline displays.
  2. You can even redesign your entire exhibit structure by reusing the parts of your modular systems in differently shaped exhibit components. Think of them as reusable 2 x 4s.
  3. Your fabric graphics can easily be changed to allow for different, targeted messages for multiple brands and customer markets, letting you support multiple divisions with one modular exhibit inventory. 

Rental Modular Exhibits Stretch Your Budget

  • Rental modular exhibits give you even more flexibility and impact for your budget. Plus rental modular booths makes it easier to match your look and branding at your largest shows, or when you have two shows at the same time.
  • And, it’s easier to keep a consistent look even internationally, by shipping only your modular exhibit graphics to shows overseas, where you rent a matching modular exhibit structure from an in-country vendor. We can arrange this for you.
  • And if you are traveling here from outside the USA, we can design and build a rental modular exhibition stand that will help you build your brand and sales in the largest economy in the world.
stretch your trade show marketing budget with rental trade show exhibits

Modular Exhibits Improve Your Trade Show Marketing

Savings from lightweight and rentable modular exhibits allow you to lower your budget, so you can go to more shows in larger booth spaces. And their easily reskinnable graphics let you target each audience with messages that better appeal to their needs. So, your marketing performs better at a lower cost.

trade show marketing

Sustainable Modular Trade Show Booths Are More Environmentally Friendly

  • Lower the carbon footprint of shipping your trade show booth by more than half with lightweight modular exhibit systems.
  • You can even ship your fabric modular exhibit graphics and rent the same designed exhibit structure locally to lower your carbon footprint even more.
  • Because you can reshape and reskin your modular trade show exhibit, you extend its useful life by years compared to a non-modular exhibit that no longer fits your functional needs or brand identity.
  • Our modular exhibit systems feature frames made from over 80% recycled aluminum, and can be recycled again after their useful life.
exhibit expressions sustainable modular exhibits environmentally friendly

Modular Exhibit Systems Go Beyond Trade Shows for Events and Facilities

  • At events, modular exhibit systems let you quickly and quietly set up exhibits, minimizing the disruption and noise of installation and dismantle. Plus, you get additional use out of your existing exhibit properties.
  • In your facilities, modular exhibit systems can be designed into semi-permanent branded environments that encourage your staff and impress your visitors. Because they are modular, you can occasionally refresh them with new graphics or even make structural changes – all without the added cost of an architect.
modular exhibits for events and facilities