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Trade Show Booth Rental Adds Choices

Trade Show Booth Rental in Atlanta, GA

Mannington 20 x 20 modular island exhibit

Trade Show Booth Rental Avoids Ongoing Ownership Costs

It may surprise you, but the purchase price of an exhibit isn’t its largest cost – it’s actually the ongoing ownership costs. Those ongoing costs include storage, staging, repair, and shipping. You keep paying for those ongoing costs, year after year, over the multiple years of your exhibit’s useful life. With trade show exhibit rental, you avoid those ongoing costs.

Another hidden cost is the opportunity cost of having your corporate capital frozen in shipping crates. And, another similar advantage of booth rental is you don’t need to get a capital budget approved if you don’t make a large purchase.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental Allows Flexibility to Change Designs Easier

When you buy an exhibit, you are restricted in how much you can change your look from year to year, let alone show to show. But with trade show exhibit rental, you can more easily adapt a completely new look, be it structural shape, layout, booth configuration, and especially booth size.

That’s especially useful if your company brand is evolving fast, if you are growing rapidly, if you have multiple company divisions, or if you are hosting different kinds of promotional activations.

exhibit rental trade show - flexibility to change designs easier

Trade Show Display Rental Makes Bigger Designs More Affordable

When you want to make a big splash at a major event, trade show display rental is a fantastic option. Rental lets you shift some of your budget that would have gone into buying a structure, into renting a larger structure and purchasing larger graphic panels. You make the most impact at the shows that mean the most.

rental island trade show exhibit modular - Slate

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rental

It may also come as a surprise that you can have a truly custom trade show exhibit with rental. We can create almost any exhibit structure you need, designed with structural exhibit systems that come in so many shapes, covered by vibrant fabric graphics printed with bold colors and high-resolution images.

Finish the exhibit with accessories and rented custom counters outfitted with your brand logo and colors, and you can get exactly what you want with rental.

exhibit rental trade show booth custom designs - dr bott

Trade Show Booth Rentals in Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta and Denver

Many of your trade shows, and especially your biggest shows, are likely in Las Vegas, Chicago, or Orlando. So, when you rent your booth for a show in any of those major cities, or in our home cities of Atlanta and Denver, you may also save on shipping. That’s because we can source rental exhibit inventory near or in those cities. Thus, you not only save on rental versus purchase, but also can vastly reduce your shipping costs.

Exhibition Booth Rental for International Exhibitors

Many international companies from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Australia choose exhibition booth rental as their best solution when exhibiting at United States exhibitions. It costs less in shipping and avoids troublesome customs issues with an owned exhibit. We welcome exhibitors from overseas who need an experienced guide who will help them adapt to and succeed at US shows.

And for US companies exhibiting overseas, we can help you navigate international exhibitions. We have partners in many countries who can rent you a local exhibit and help ensure your event goes smoothly.

Exhibition Booth Rental for International Trade Show and Trade Fair Exhibitors

10×10 Trade Show Booth Rental

Need a 10×10 trade show booth rental? Even in this smallest of booth spaces, rental can be a good solution, especially when you are just trying out trade shows, or have two shows at the same time. You can also rent to experiment with a new design look.

10 x 10 trade show exhibit rental - izze

10×20 Trade Show Booth Rental

Even if you usually exhibit in a 10×10 booth, consider rental for the few times you expand into a 10×20 space. Rent the entire 10×20 exhibit, or rent only half that you combine with your owned 10×10 display.

For your 10×20 rental, consider going beyond pop-ups and banner stands, and enhance your brand with a more modular display featuring greater design sophistication, or with a backlit display that grabs more attention.

10 x 20 trade show exhibit rental - yesto

20×20 and 20×30 Trade Show Booth Rental

Want to expand your company into island exhibits while minimizing your risk? Island booths are great for engagement and brand building because you have more room for meetings, presentations, product merchandising, and hospitality. 20×20 and 20×30 trade show booth rental lets you gain the impact and space of island booths with lower costs and greater flexibility.

20 x 20 and 20 x 30 trade show exhibit rental - flash for all

30×30 and 40×40 Trade Show Booth Rental

Larger spaces, such as 30×30 and 40×40, are even better for trade show booth rental. There’s little need to purchase an exhibit for a space that you will use only once a year, especially if you change your larger booth sizes and configurations from year to year.

And you get even greater freedom to rearrange your booth design to adapt to your needs from year to year. So, for example, 30×30 and 40×40 booth rental allows you to host a bigger theater one year, more meeting rooms the next, and more space for product display the following year. It’s easier to evolve.