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Portable Displays - Big Impact In Small Spaces

Portable Trade Show Displays in Atlanta, GA

  • Eye-Catching Visuals Promote Your Brand & Messages
  • Fast, Easy Set Up Saves Time and Money
  • Lightweight Reduces Shipping and Material Handling Costs
  • A Wide Variety of Display Styles to Fit Your Brand and Budget
  • Pop Up Displays Offer Big Impact with Fast Set Up
  • Banner Stands Most Portable and Fastest Set Up
  • Tension Fabric Displays Offer More Design Options
  • Tabletop Displays Promote Your Brand in the Tiniest of Exhibiting Spaces
  • Modular Exhibits Give Custom Looks with Lightweight Savings
  • Durable, Quality Displays Look Great and Last for Many Years
  • Brand Impact Beyond Trade Shows
  • Portable Tables Increase Your Booth Workspace
  • Display Accessories Enhance Functionality and Visual Impact
ABM 10 x 20 backlit trade show display on the show floor

Eye-Catching Trade Show Display Graphics Promote Your Brand and Messages

Attention-grabbing portable displays help you promote your marketing messages at trade shows, events, and anywhere you need to impress customers and prospects in a temporary face-to-face environment. Their bold graphics create a dramatic and memorable impression that captivates buyers and builds your brand. Backlit trade show displays add extra visual punch to your graphics.

ABM 10 x 20 backlit trade show display with interactive games and seating

Fast, Easy Set Up Portable Displays Save Time and Money

Portable displays are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, so you can set up and dismantle your display quickly and efficiently. This helps exhibitors save money, as at many shows they are allowed to set up their display without union labor if they can do so in under 30 minutes without tools, and especially at shows in Right-To-Work states. Let us know if you have any questions about which shows you can set up your portable display by yourself.

vburst from Classic Exhibits portable trade show display sets up fast

Lightweight Portable Trade Show Booths Reduce Shipping and Material Handling Costs

Portable trade show displays are lightweight and easy to transport to and from trade shows, and then at show, to and from your booth space. You can ship your display to your hotel or to the show’s advanced warehouse via FedEx, UPS, or a specialized trade show carrier. You can also bring it with you on your flight, depending on its size, but you will likely have to pay an overweight fee. Check with your airline for their rules before your flight, and ask us for guidance if you have questions.

ABM 10 x 10 fabric pop up trade show display

A Wide Variety of Portable Display Styles & Sizes to Fit Your Brand and Budget

While all portable trade show displays offer visual impact, easy set up, and portability, some types are better at set up, or portability, or design sophistication, or a blend of the three. Banner stands are the most portable, least expensive, and fastest to set up. Tension fabric displays offer the most elaborate portable design choices, especially for larger inline booths. Pop up displays are in between. We are happy to work with you to determine which type portable display system will be the best match for your brand and budget.

portable trade show displays wide variety of sizes and styles banner stand 10 foot 20 foot tabletop

Pop Up Trade Show Displays Offer Big Impact with Fast Set Up

Pop up trade show displays are a good choice when you need want a portable display offering the impact of a large, seamless graphic mural, but still want an easy set up.

Easy Set Up: Pop up displays are very easy to set up and take down, often requiring no tools. The collapsible frame instantly “pops up” and locks into place, with graphics attached to the frame using magnets or Velcro, or even pre-attached to the frame. Your graphics can also be easily swapped out, allowing for updated or targeted marketing messages.

Visual Impact: Once set up, pop-up displays create visual impact with curved or flat shapes and eye-catching graphics that attract attention and generate interest in your products or services. You can add a variety of accessories, such as shelving, literature racks, and lighting, to create a display that is unique to your brand and products.

portable pop up trade show display choices from Orbus

Banner Stands Offer Smallest Size and Easiest Set Up

Banner stands are the smallest, easiest to set up, and least expensive portable displays, requiring only one person and no tools. They ship in small cases or even bags for easy transport.

Most common are retractable banner stands, that feature a single vertical graphic panel that simply rolls out from a compact cassette and attaches to the top of a pole. Non-retractable banner stands usually connect to an X-frame that holds the graphic taut. The most common banner stand width is around 33 inches. They can be used as a single stand, yet are often placed side-by-side with graphics designed to combine into a 10-foot or even 20-foot mural backwall. You can also get double-sided, or tabletop, or backlit, or 48 inch and wider banner stands.

They are also versatile, as the banner or panel can be easily changed out, allowing for easy updates.

roll up banner stand by expand - three colors

Tension Fabric Displays Offer More Design Options with Value, Portability

Fabric tension portable trade show displays offer a number of benefits, including portability, ease of assembly, high-quality graphics, durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Tension fabric displays offer a wide range of sizes and shapes. Choose from an economical single 8, 10, or even 20-foot curved or flat backwall in one shape. Or, create more complex designs with multiple intriguing shapes that adjoin or overlap, especially popular for 20-foot booths.

Tension fabric displays feature an aluminum frame with high-quality, dye-sublimation fabric graphics. Fabric graphics are either stretched over the frame (like a pillow case) and zipped closed, or they attach without tools with an attached silicon edge that inserts into the aluminum frame, or attach with Vecro®. You get a seamless and wrinkle-free look. Both the frame and fabric are durable and long-lasting. Flat metal feet attached to the bottom of the frame provide stability. Fabric graphics ship in a small bag with any hardware that goes into a portable case.

tension fabric trade show display 10 x 10 feet - Orbus
Shaw Hospitality Group 10 x 20 serpentine tension fabric trade show display

Tabletop Displays Promote Your Brand In the Tiniest of Exhibiting Spaces

Tabletop displays are small, lightweight displays designed to be placed on a table or counter, for events where the show owner provides a table to all exhibitors. Tabletop displays are popular at the smallest trade shows and at non-trade show events, such as conferences, job fairs, vendor fairs, local association events, and company meetings.

Tabletop displays are more compact, lighter, less expensive, and easier to set up than their full-size counterparts. Yet, tabletop displays still come in a variety of shapes and styles, and can still be customized with graphics featuring your branding, images, and logo, to grab attention and tell your story.

Portable tabletop trade show display with fabric table wrap

Modular Exhibits Create Custom Looks with Lightweight Savings

Modular trade show exhibits overlap with portable displays, except that they are made with reusable metal frame systems that offers greater flexibility and substantial operating costs savings over traditional custom exhibits.

Modular exhibits are customizable systems that can be reconfigured in a variety of ways to create unique and dynamic trade show exhibits with a more professional look in both inline and island exhibit spaces. They consist of a set of interchangeable, more structural and expensive components such as walls, panels, engineered extrusions, fabric graphics, shelving units, counters, lighting and backlighting, and other features. 

Modular exhibits provide greater longevity with their reconfigurability, with components reused and repurposed in booths from 10 foot to 20 foot to small islands.  

Learn more about modular trade show exhibits here.

Domain Tools 10 x 20 backlit backwall
ABM Industries backlit wall in island exhibit at NSBA Public Ed 2022 - social post

Durable, Quality Trade Show Booths That Look Great and Last for Years

When it comes to portable trade show displays, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option in order to save money. However, there are several reasons why it may be more beneficial to invest in a quality portable trade show display:

  • Professional Appearance: A quality portable trade show display with graphics printed in the USA rather than overseas will look more professional and better attract potential customers and make a better impression. A poorly made or cheap display can actually detract from a business’s credibility and may even turn people away.
  • Durability: A quality portable trade show display will be made with high-quality materials that are more durable and long-lasting than cheaper alternatives. This means that it will be able to withstand regular use and transportation, rather than break and get thrown out in less than a year.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We source better-built displays from manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties, so you have peace of mind that your investment will pay off.
  • Customization: A quality portable trade show display will offer more customization options, such as the ability to add accessories, graphics, or branding elements. This can help to make the display stand out and be more memorable.
  • Ease of Use: A quality portable trade show display will be easier to set up and take down, which can save time and reduce stress. Cheaper displays may be more difficult to assemble, which can cause frustration and potentially lead to errors or damage.
  • Expert Support: We are passionate about finding the right display for you. We are real people with long trade show tenure who want to learn about your needs. Our expertise is there to assist you, honestly, whether you buy from us or not. We love trade shows and want you to have the best experience possible. It’s very fulfilling for us to help you succeed, have a great experience, and become a satisfied lifetime customer.
  • Return on Investment: Investing in a quality portable trade show display can provide a better return on investment over time. A display that looks professional and is durable will last longer and may be more effective in attracting customers and generating sales, which can help to justify the higher initial cost.

For all these reasons, Exhibit Expressions is committed to representing and recommending high-quality portable displays from manufacturers like Classic Exhibits and Expand that will embody your brand and save you time and effort. We offer quality displays that perform well for years, rather than look-alikes that don’t perform as well.

Azuga 10 x 20 backlit modular trade show exhibit Waste Expo 2019
ABM Industries 10 x 20 at Ops Summit 2021 - social post
Concord Technologies 10 x 30 modular trade show exhibit

Brand Impact Using Portable Displays Beyond Trade Shows

Portable displays are versatile marketing tools that can promote products, provide information, and create engaging experiences in a variety of settings beyond trade shows. Here are some popular uses for portable displays:

  • Corporate events, such as conferences, seminars, and meetings.
  • Showrooms, to highlight products, provide information, create an atmosphere or define different zones.
  • Corporate offices and facilities, to promote brand messages, promote tour stops, or recruiting.
  • Press conference or photo shoot backdrops with step-and-repeat logos.
  • Public spaces, such as airports, libraries, and community centers to provide information, promote events, or showcase community resources.
  • Retail environments, to promote products, highlight features, or showcase special deals.
Product Display_Kiosk Showroom

Portable Tables Increase Your Trade Show Booth Workspace

Tables are the favorite component to add to a portable trade show display, providing a surface for reception, demonstrations, product displays, computer monitors, and literature distribution. Sometimes called counters, pedestals, and workstations, tables come in a wide range of price points, portability, and features.

Case tables are very popular because they are low-cost, plus save you time after the show closes. A graphic panel wraps around your cases, so you don’t have to wait for your case to return from drayage to pack up your booth. More elaborate customizable tables are visually captivating, can be locked for security, offer internal shelving and storage, and can be backlit for extra brand impact.

trade show portable display shipping case wraps into table counter - Expand
portable trade show tables and counters

Portable Display Accessories to Enhance Event Functionality and Visual Impact

There are a wide variety of accessories that can be used with portable trade show displays to enhance their functionality, visual impact, and ease of use. Here are some common accessories for portable trade show displays:

  • Lighting, such as spotlights, LED lights, and backlights, can highlight key areas of your display and create a more visually striking presentation.
  • Literature holders showcase your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, or business cards, and make them easily accessible to visitors.
  • Table covers dress up rented and show-provided 6-foot and 8-foot tables by promoting your logo or branding message to reinforce your company’s identity.
  • Shelving and counters provide additional space for products, props, and literature. They create a more interactive experience by providing a surface for demos and interactive displays.
  • Graphics, such as custom printed banners, backdrops, or signs, reinforce your company’s messaging and create a cohesive look for the display.
  • Shipping cases protect and transport your display, making it easier to ship and store between events.
  • Flooring adds visual impact while providing a soft surface for your booth staff and visitors. Available in interlocking tiles or rollable flooring.
portable trade show display lighting spot lights LED lights arm lights
portable trade show display shelving backwall and counters
portable trade show display cases shipping and roll cases
portable trade show dispay accessories - carpet and flex flooring color choices

Portable Trade Show Display FAQs

The cost of a portable trade show display varies widely depending on a variety of factors, such as size, materials, the level of customization, and the specific features and accessories included. Here are some general guidelines for the cost of portable trade show displays:

  • Banner stands are the most affordable option for portable displays, and typically range from $100 to $600, depending on the size, style, and quality of the stand with additional costs for double-sided, lights, soft or hard cases, or other accessories. Combine 3 for a 10 x 10 display.
  • Fabric Tension Displays are more expensive than banner stands, and a 10 x 10 display can range from $800 to $2,000, depending on the size, complexity, and quality of the display, with additional costs for double-sided graphics, lights, soft or hard cases, or other accessories.
  • Pop-Up Displays are more expensive than banner stands or fabric tension displays, and can range from $1,000 to $4,000 or more, depending on the size, features, and customization options.
  • Modular and Backlit Displays are the most expensive option for portable trade show displays, and a 10 x 10 display can range from $4,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the size, complexity, and customization options.

Portable trade show displays come in a wide range of sizes, and the size you choose will depend on a variety of factors, such as the space available at the trade show, your specific marketing goals, and your budget. Here are the most common sizes that are used for portable trade show displays:

8′ x 10′: This is a common size for a portable trade show display, as it provides enough space to create an engaging display without being too large or overwhelming. This size can accommodate a variety of display types, such as pop-up displays, fabric tension displays, and modular displays.

10′ x 10′: This is another common size for a portable trade show display, as 10 feet wide is the standard size for many trade show booths. This size can accommodate a range of display types, and allows for more creativity and customization than an 8′ x 10′ display.

10′ x 20′: This size is ideal for larger trade show booths, and allows for more display space and creative options. This size is often used for modular exhibits, which can be customized to fit the specific needs and goals of the company.

20′ x 20′ or larger: For larger trade show booths or custom exhibits, larger sizes may be required. These displays can include multiple components, such as a main display area, interactive exhibits, or demo stations.

The best way to ship a portable display to a trade show will depend on a few factors, including the size and weight of the display, the distance it needs to be shipped, and the specific trade show and venue requirements.

In general, it is recommended to ship the display using a reputable shipping carrier, such as FedEx or UPS, as they have experience handling delicate and valuable packages. They can be shipped anywhere from a few days in advance to overnight, which lets you choose the best mix of urgency and price.

When packing the display for shipping, it is important to use sturdy boxes and packing materials, such as foam padding and bubble wrap, to protect the display during transit. Even better, use shipping cases made explicitly for the display you own. Also, make sure you remove any old shipping labels from shipments to and from previous shows.

Finally, it is important to plan ahead and allow enough time for the display to arrive at the trade show venue before the show begins, as last-minute shipping can be more expensive and risky. Some trade shows also offer on-site shipping and receiving services for exhibitors, which can be a convenient option if available.

If you are reluctant to handle the shipping of your trade show displays, we at Exhibitor Expressions are experts at managing their storage and transport. Just ask us about our Exhibit Program Management and we’ll take the hassle off your hands.

The ease of setup and takedown will depend on the type of display you choose. Some displays, such as banner stands, fabric tension displays, and pop-ups with fabric graphics pre-attached to the display frame, can be set up quickly and easily by one person in under 30 minutes without tools, while other displays, such as modular exhibits, may require more time and effort to set up and take down. Talk to us at Exhibitor Expressions to ensure you get the right balance between ease of set up, visual impact, functionality, and ongoing operating costs for your brand and budget.

Portable trade show displays are designed to be easy to transport and set up at trade shows, but the level of portability will depend on the size and type of display. Some displays can be easily transported in a carrying case or bag, while larger displays may require special shipping and storage solutions that do not include you carrying your display in a case right to your booth space.

Most portable trade show displays can be customized with graphics, logos, and other branding elements to help your display stand out at trade shows. Tension Fabric trade show displays can create a more custom look by joining or layering different component shapes. Modular exhibits have even more customization possibilities. Accessories such as shelving, counters, and lights further help you create a unique, differentiated look that sets you apart.

The specific cleaning and maintenance requirements will depend on the type of display you choose. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, and to take care to protect the display during transport and storage.

For Tension Fabric displays, you can usually machine wash the fabric graphics. You may need a portable steamer to coax the wrinkles out of the fabric graphics once set up on the show floor.

Yes, most portable trade show displays are designed to be reusable for multiple shows. Displays made with high-quality materials and construction can withstand the wear and tear of transport and use at multiple events for years to come. You can even change out the graphics when your message changes, and keep using the existing display frame.

Yes, many portable trade show displays can be customized to fit different booth sizes. For example, a modular display can be reconfigured to fit different booth sizes, and some fabric tension displays can be expanded or contracted to fit different spaces.

It’s recommended to order your portable trade show display as early as possible to ensure that it is ready in time for the show. Depending on your display’s complexity, you can order anywhere from X days to XX days before the show. Order earlier if you want to have the display sent to you to preview it before shipping it to the show, or if you want to ship your display at a lower rate.

The graphics used on your portable trade show display should be eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and clearly convey your brand and message. Backlit graphics are also a popular way to boost graphic impact. A graphic designer experienced in creating trade show graphics can help make your display stand out.

The ease of set up will depend on the type of display you choose. Some displays, such as banner stands, fabric tension displays, and pop up displays can be set up quickly and easily by one person, while other displays, such as modular exhibits, may need more time and effort to set up that require you hire show labor.

There are several types of lighting that can be used with portable trade show displays, such as LED lights, halogen lights, and backlit graphics. LED lights are generally more popular because of their lower power consumption, lower heat temperature, and longer life.

Some portable trade show displays are designed for outdoor use, such as pop-up tents, inflatable displays, and flags. However, most portable displays are designed for indoor use and may not be suitable for outdoor event with the potential for rain, snow, and wind.

Yes, most portable trade show displays can be updated or modified between shows to reflect changes in your brand or messaging. For example, you may want to update graphics or add new accessories for a different show.

The type of warranty offered will depend on the display and the display company. It’s important to ask about the warranty and any guarantees offered with the display, and to read the terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase. We at Exhibitor Expressions favor high quality trade show displays with lifetime warranties.