Sustainability and Your Exhibiting Program

My daughter is an environmental science major, and for years she’s been sharing with us the depressing realities of micro plastics in our food chain and massive islands of plastics in our oceans and washing up on shore. We fill our recycling bin but know, individually we can’t even make a micro dent on our own.

It’s more and more clear that we need new destinations for these materials so we can start to turn our waste back into our raw materials.

Did you know that in the exhibiting world we can build out of majority recycled materials?? It used to be that these products were more expensive, or inferior in integrity, but in the over a decade they’ve been available, prices have come down. Some 2nd generation materials are even stronger.

100% recycled rotationally molded cases – using scrap plastics rather than virgin plastics, molded cases are stronger than their predecessors.

Technology has advanced, your display graphics and giveaways can be made of 100% recycled plastic waste. 

Check out our display line EcoSystems.

There are other ways to make sure your program is as sustainable as possible. Keep an eye out for more ideas because every day should be Earth day!

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At Exhibit Expressions, our mission is to provide innovative, yet practical, solutions for each and every client. We integrate marketing design and production of displays, graphics, and support materials that meet our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.